To play Gigi! The Laughing Game, always keep in mind:
1. if you laugh, you win;
2. if a challenge doesn’t work for you, adapt it in a way that works for you;
3. you are free to make your own Gigi! The Laughing Game.

Refer to the basic rules and add one (or more) of these variants:

Keep your card secret! Take your challenge and make your opponents guess. Advance the number of points noted on your card. The player who guesses correctly will also advance one extra square.

When you are in the yellow area between boxes 53 and 58, you may JUST LAUGH for 30 seconds to advance two squares. Your opponents will use a stopwatch to time you. One second less and you won’t advance a single inch.

1. You have a WIFI connection and you have access to the card generator? Play with the 2nd card generator where all cards are shuffled regardless of their color.

2. You prefer cardboard cards.. Shuffle them all together

Set a number of points to reach beforehand (e.g. 30 points). Draw lots to see who goes first. This person draws a card and makes a guess about the challenge. This person wins the number of points noted on the card. It is then the turn of the person who guessed the card to play. The first person to win is the one who reaches the number of points defined at the beginning of the game!