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Equipped with a degree in theater, Fanny Rire uses her enthusiasm to animate laughter yoga sessions for corporate, community and social groups alike. She has also hosted laughter sessions both on a national and international level. It was during her time in Quito, Ecuador working as a therapeutic clown that Fanny discovered her true mission: to bring joy to others through laughter, one laugh at a time. 

Fanny developed Gigi! The Laughing game, a board game inspired by the laughter community. After attending and participating in several Laughter Yoga events such as Urgence Rire and Rire en Ligne during the pandemic, Fanny wanted to make the experience more personal by creating Gigi! The Laughing Game to allow people to laugh even more at home! 


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Lisa-Marie is a Business Management graduate with concentrations in hospitality and organizational behavior. As an experienced communications professional, she is a key player when it comes to our public relations for Gigi! The Laughing Game. 

With the goal of positioning our game for better exposure and greater marketability, Lisa-Marie manages our online presence by producing bilingual marketing content and other print communications as well.

Lisa-Marie is currently managing her own information technology company offering digital marketing, sales strategy, and computer repair services. 



Social Media Manager / Graphic Designer

Ambitious, creative and a fan of concrete results, Jessika likes to push her limits in order to give her clients the best of herself. As a graphic designer since 2013 and social marketing strategist since 2019, her mission [or rather her dream] is to help businesswomen stand out on the web and realize their dreams through her boundless creativity and marketing expertise. Her passion is to capture the essence of her customers and put it into pictures.


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Illustrator and Graphic Designer

After graduating from Beaux Arts (France) with a degree in Design more than 20 years ago, Camille has jumped into projects with both feet whether it be for her own benefit or that of others. She describes herself as an artisan who loves to give her absolute best.

Camille has since completed many projects including works for different news medias and other graphic design projects. She has also founded her own fashion company. Camille is a mother always ready to get out her art materials to tinker with her daughter. Altogether, a dynamic person ready to take on new adventures.

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Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Through illustrations, she aspires to inspire people’s wonder through the board games, textiles and books. She has collaborated with Souris Mini, Jeux Face4, Oraki and For Heroes Only, among others.

Highly creative, she loves to dance while working with watercolor and she is excited about all the things she will create in the future.


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Marianick graduated with a degree in Computer Science (Computer Games) with a minor in Music, on April 2022. She is involved in her community as Project Coordinator for Youth Fusion, in the Video Game Creation Program. In 2020, she won a scholarship named Google’s Women Techmakers in Gaming. Marianick also participates in Ubisoft’s Game Lab Contest every year hosted by the video game giant.

In her free time, she plays video games, sings opera and plays guitar.