Gigi! The Laughing Game is interactive and accessible to all generations. It is a fun family game that can also be played with friends, seniors, students, and colleagues. It also works as a great intergenerational icebreaker! This game will have you laughing for days!

Gigi! The Laughing Game was invented in April 2020, during the first Covid 19 lockdown.

There are many well-known advantages to laughter. It’s fun, free and easy to use and has tremendous benefits for the body, mind, and soul. The creator of the game, Fanny Moriat, wanted to make the laughter experience more accessible for everyone. Now, with the help of Gigi! The Laughing Game you can enjoy all the benefits at home.

To learn more, listen to the August 17, 2022 interview hosted by Julie Châtelain on CKVL FM: https://vu.fr/yZde (interview in French)