Gigi! The Laughing Game – The game box

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With Gigi! The Laughing Game, let go, free your imagination, move, take on challenges and create laughter.

Reach the Star square before your opponents by laughing, completing challenges and imagining all kinds of laughs.

5 years old+.  3 to 6 players.

Game printed in Quebec.

In the promotional videos, it is the Kickstarter edition that is a little different from the Quebec edition.

Delivery in Canada only. For other countries, please see the links mentioned above in the store or contact us!

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Did you laugh today?

This is Gigi! The Laughing Game, an interactive board game created so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of laughter.

Laughter is an essential wellness tool: it relaxes but it is also a physical activity in its own right. It is a gymnastic of the internal organs that brings real health benefits, both in the body and in the mind!

Components: 1 game board (some assembly required), 72 Gigi cards, 20 Gigi+ cards, 6 EmoGigis (pawns), the bilingual board game rules and an access to the card generator (requires an Internet connection)

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